What We Do

Scott Lamers Construction provides excavation services, pipe bursting, trenchless sewer repair and replacement, commercial snow removal and commercial property maintenance.

Industry Experts

Our extensive industry expertise and field project management abilities make us the ideal choice for your project. Over the years we have cultivated a reputation of on-time performance and thorough project execution.

Offering Significant Environmental Advantages

We like leaving a jobsite looking better than when we got there. We can do that with the patented technology we use on construction projects. We use less fuel, disrupt less soil, and we’re done in far less time.

For Municipalities, Businesses and Homeowners

We consistently work with municipalities, businesses and homeowners to meet a wide range of needs.

Municipalities routinely ask us to provide trenchless sewer repair and trenchless sewer replacement services to fix homeowners’ sewer problems. We’ve worked on over 500 homes with no callbacks.

Commercial clients depend on us to provide a wide range of services including commercial site work, commercial snow removal, commercial property maintenance, and excavation services.

Homeowners consistently call us to fix their plumbing problems and sewer problems. They’re sick of paying $100 or more over and over again, only to have their basement flood again with sewage. If you’re paying too much for not enough, call us to repair your sewer.

“Scott Lamers Construction has always found a way to pipe burst even the most difficult laterals in a safe and cost-effective manner.”

Dave Vander Velden, Street Commissioner  – Village of Kimberly